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Our Board Director Amit Kumar Singh, He is a operating AFRAGY DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICAL (OPC) PVT LTD. A view of our organization with our team. He is a graduated and post graduated in Biochemistry from HNB Gardhwal University Srinagar (U.K) Campus Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical Natural Science Dehradun. After working Pharmaceutical Industries in Several Company in Quality Control Department. Achievement in these operating our team best communication ‘ effencey ‘ management our organization. Pharmaceutical industries is a unique field. To the point of quality control . GMP ‘ GLP ‘ CSE ‘ MVD ‘ MVC its extra have achievement of pharmaceutical industries. So how to give best quality & productivity’s in our organization. Our sub. Biochemistry ‘ which deals chemical properties & reactions about in living bings.its sub. is Not vital for pharmaceutical industries only. Its also a food industries ‘ patholab ‘ research field RND & ALD ‘ Pharmaceutical industries etc. Conference regarding sub. Improve science technology & important of our life. (1) National symposium on microbial Biotechnology. ( Beehive college of advance studies) Dehradun march 2014 Organising secretary Dr vinod Kumar (2) Advances in Biotechnology & its application in conservation Biology 16 & 17 October 2014 DIBNS Dehradun organizing secretary Dr shovan bagchi (3) national conference advances perspective & challenges in chemical sciences. Jan – Mar. SBS PG College Dehradun secretary prof. Versus parcha (4) conferance CME Workshop on autoimmunty & autoimmune diseases. 10th – 11th April 2015 Organising secretary Dr gyanendra Awasthi HOD Biochemistry DIBNS Dehradun. Its extra activity participate with our possitive things & always take a aspectation learn more extra in our sub. In Biochemistry. Warm Regards Afragy Director . Warm Regards Afragy Director Call us : 1-000-123-4567 Mail us : email@i-create.com —————————————————————————————————————– Kumar Prashant He is a operating Business development of  AFRAGT DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD State of JHARKHAND. Study Complicated Magadh University Both Gaya at college campus. Have a experience of marketing adviser. Takes follop quality of our products. Effenciency of work his team demand of Doctors public base best quality our goods. Personal Details. Jumary Tilaya Kodarma Mail – kumarprashant@afragy.com Contact – 7903760514

MR KUMAR AKHILESH : He Is a Board Member of AFRAGY. Lead’s Develop a Business Zone In Bihar Magadh Range In Many cityes & Township Area. He is a Bachelor degree Of Biochemistry Form Magadh University Bodh GAYA. After Master Of biochemistry from HNB GARDHWAL UNIVERSITY SRINAGAR Uttrakhand. After service Provide Many Pharmaceutical Company In India. Department in Quality Control (Q.C). After AFRAGY with our team Provide Facility On Base of Quality of Products. C&F No. ADPH002 SHERGHATI GAYA BIHAR