is a various reputed pharmaceutical and drugs chemical company of India AFRAGY DRUGS PHARMACEUTICAL (OPC) PRIVIATE LIMITED. is a various reputed pharmaceutical and drugs chemical company of India. Its provide facality tablates capsule syrup dry syrup injection etc chemical products on the base of company MOA. Its company mission. Afragy is symble of best health of our society Director DIN 07525851. Mr AMIT SINGH appeariance message of these orginisation. Its provide one of various quality base products happier life of humanbungs and alive. Leades an indian pharmaceutical company takes a how to provide best facality of india and abroad so our life is so happier. AFRAFY DRUGS PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD. CIN. NO. U24304BR2019OPC041037 Headquarters – Haridwar Founder – Mr. Amit Singh CEO – Shahid Ali, Ankit Singh Vice President – Satyandra Kumar Akela Our business. To carry on business of manufacturing import export wholesale and or retail trade all kinds of pharmaceuticals antibiotics drug’s. Medicine’s chemical product’s dry salters neutraceuticals healthcare ayurvedic and dietary supplement products. Medicinal preparations. Vaccines. such as surgical instruments. Contraceptives. photographic goods. Oil perfumes. Cosmetic patent medicines soaps artificial limbs hospital required proprietary medicines veterinary medicines and tinctures extracts and to carry on the business of vialling bottling repaking of tablets capsules syrups. Injection ointment etc and also to carry on the business of chemists druggists buyers sellers agents. Distributorship and stockiest of all kinds of pharmaceuticals and allied product’s. To carry on india and abroad business of importers merchant’s general order suppliers commission agents representatives distributors royalty owner.Contractor auctioneers ident agents passage agents factors organisers concessionaries sale agents and sub agents in connection with the business as referred in sub research and development of medicines and other life saving products. Director Mr. Amit singh he is a studies post graduated Biochemistry at Dolphin (PG) institute of bio medical natural science Dehradun (U.K) university HNB GARDHWAL Srinagar. after start work in pharmaceutical industries. in quality control departmenty. Archived and learning of about medicine is my passion. So have a intrusted subject biochemistry. Do work in many company in pharmaceutical industries in uttrakhand zone. CEO Shahid Ali. He is a Post graduate in Pharmaceutical chemistry at Sardar Bhawan Singh (PG) College Dehradun (UK) University Hnb Gardhwal Srinagar U.K . After take a knowledge about instrument as a quality control department in pharmaceutiacal industry. And do work in industry